Application must be made by means of a written motivation for appointment, to be accompanied by a comprehensive CV and originally certified copies of academic qualifications, ID, registration with a body or council (if applicable), as well as a tax compliance certificate and any other relevant supporting documentation. Applications which do not comply with the said requirements will be automatically disqualified.


The OHSC wishes to appoint suitable candidates with an extensive health background, including experience in the medico-legal field and/or experience related to the duties of the office, to serve on a technical advisory panel for a period of three (3) years’.

The function of panel members will be to provide specialist knowledge, insight and technical expertise in relation to the execution of the duties of the Office, which include but are not limited to development of inspection tools, development of training materials in relation to the inspection tools and training of inspectors, analysis and provision of clinical opinions on complaints, review of inspections and/or complaints investigation reports, provision of specialised legal assistance on specific issues, provision of legal advice on service level agreements/contracts with service providers, labour disputes and represent the Ombud on legal matters, advise on certification and compliance enforcement decisions, including the appropriate enforcement actions to take, facilitate/chair the enforcement ad hoc hearings or membership of the ad hoc committee; compiling of OHSC reports and publications, evaluation of Early Warning System and indicator datasets, research and monitoring and evaluation and participation in technical meetings to provide strategic guidance if and when needed.

Panel members will be appointed to represent medical disciplines, nursing specialities, clinical and non-clinical support services, medico-legal, legal and management skills required for service delivery within the health system.

1. Applicants must possess a tertiary level qualification and a minimum of five (5) years’ practical experience in the field they represent in non-clinical or other fields and a minimum of ten years practical experience in clinical fields. Current or previous appointment at an academic institution will be an added advantage.

2. Modalities of work
a) Panel members will conduct their services remotely unless circumstances necessitate physical meetings.
b) Travel and accommodation will be arranged at the expense of the OHSC for physical meetings.
c) The dates and timelines for such services will be determined during the development of the scope of work.
d) The OHSC will provide the necessary operational and administrative support to panel members.
e) For work related to complaints, the scope of work with clear timeframes will be provided.

3. Compensation
a) A fee will be paid to panel members in accordance with the DPSA rules and regulations, subject to the terms of the consultancy contracts.
b) Services will be required on an ad-hoc basis and communicated by the OHSC.

4. Conflict of interest and confidentiality
a) Panel members shall adhere to OHSC policies relating to ethics, conflict of interest and treatment of confidential information.
b) Panel members shall adhere to the OHSC information disclosure policy, as may be amended from time to time, including in respect of the treatment of confidential information.
c) Members of the Panel shall be expected to disclose any existing or potential conflict of interest that may arise in relation to any project/work allocated by the OHSC.

Closing Date: 28 February 2022.

Enquiries: Any enquiries regarding the technical aspects of the advert can be directed to Dr T Makola, tel. (012) 942 7821

Submission of applications/nominations Above-mentioned documentation must be posted to Ms Linky Mashiane or Mr Mziwabantu Mavotsho, OHSC, Private Bag X21 Arcadia, 0007 or hand delivered to the OHSC building at 79 Steve Biko Road, Prinshof, Pretoria, 0001 by 28 February 2022. Any enquiries regarding the technical aspects of the advert can be directed to Dr T Makola, tel. (012) 942 7821